Green Zone

Green Zone, a flagship development by Orbit Developers, located at Kiromo, Bagamoyo, consists of 252 plots for sale ranging from 594 to 17,665 square metres. This responsibly landscaped area, surrounded by 124 acres of greenery, is undoubtedly the best place to invest in for your home or business. Residents of Green Zone are strategically located in close proximity to many future development projects and can expect to experience a unique duality between country living and a cosmopolitan suburb.

A commercial complex, a shopping mall, light industries, secondary and vocational institutions are located in the immediate vicinity. Purchasers of plots at Green Zone are provided with right of occupancy certificate. Whilst you are free to choose the design and structure of your house or business, we offer added value by assisting you with ready-made plans and houses which you may choose from. The project is 85% SOLD.

Project Details

  • Location: Kiromo, Bagamoyo
  • Sqm: 594 to 17,665
  • Category: Commercial and Residential Purposes

About Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo is a small coastal town on the coast of Indian Ocean, 75km North of Dar es Salaa. Bagamoyo was the capital of German East Africa hence gifted with an extraordinary historical and cultural heritage and was recently considered a World Heritage Site. The main economic activities for Bagamoyo include agriculture, trade and commerce, fishing and tourism.

Bagamoyo is currently seen as the sleeping giant economically. The proximity to Dar es Salaam, a good all weather bitumen standard road, abundant land and plenty of water from Ruvu and Wami rivers, and the presence of several tourist facilities are important economic assets that could be utilized to kick-start the development of Bagamoyo but this has not been the case.

However, Bagamoyo economic and social stature is expected to be considerably upgraded due to the ongoing and proposed projects. Therefore, the perfect time for investing in real estate in Bagamoyo is right now.

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