Garden City

Garden City is located at Gezaulole, Kigamboni, 15km from Ferry and 700m from Ferry – Kimbiji tarmac road. The project has 15 housing estates, more than 50 residential plots, 5 commercial/residential plots, 1 shopping mall plot and 1 nursery school plot, ranging from 796 to 11,105 square metres. The project site is appealing and developing very fast, serviced with road networks hence easily accessible making it prime for immediate development. Garden city is also strategically located 200m before Watumishi Housing Project, 3km before Dege Eco Village and more than 8km before Avic Town in addition to being in proximity to a number of beach hotels such as Kipepeo Beach Village, Hotel South Beach Resort and Bamba Beach Resort. Plots at Garden City are sold with Title Deeds and the project is 44% SOLD.

Project Details

  • Location: Gezaulole, Kigamboni
  • Sqm: 796 and 11,105
  • Category: Building, House, Projects

About Kigamboni

Kigamboni is one of the municipalities and a rapidly growing area of Dar es Salaam City. It lies on the South Eastern side of the City. The main economic activities in Kigamboni include traditional fishing, subsistence farming, trade and commerce, tourism, extracting and selling of building materials among others. Although Kigamboni is currently poorly developed and lacks the necessary infrastructures and amenities, it has plenty of potential in terms of beautiful natural beaches and landscapes.

Accessibility of Kigamboni from other places of the city is also now more convenient as Mwalimu Nyerere Bridge is open, connecting Kigamboni and the remaining part of the City. This attracts massive developments and stimulates further investments in the area.

The New Kigamboni City is another thrilling project that is expected to be a catalyst for the country‘s and city’s development. The project aims at upgrading a number of wards in Kigamboni into a remarkable new city that sustains a population of 500,000 residents. Kigamboni is now a very potential area to buy land for residential and investment purposes.

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